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Learn how to add validation and the function of validation with Kuika.
With Kuika, you can add Validation to elements used for data entry during application development.
This training content consists of the following topics:
  1. 1.
    What is Validation?
  2. 2.
    Adding Validation

1. What is Validation?

Elements used for data entry allow data to be entered in standards defined by the developer. In addition, checking and verifying the accuracy of the entered data in different dimensions can be achieved through Validation.
Validations that decide whether a conditional action will work or not and that work exactly the same as the conditional structure allow you to establish logics that will produce results with the validation types used by Kuika, and ensure that the data is entered without error by the end user.
For example, in a scenario where you want a text input box element not to be blank, you can do so via Validation.

2. Adding Validation

Open the Properties panel of the element that you want to add validation to and that allows data entry.
Screenshot of adding Properties panel validation
Adding Properties panel validation
Click the ADD VALIDATION button at the bottom of the Properties panel.
Screenshot to add validation
Add validation screen
Select the validation type for the relevant element in the Added Validation.
Validation types can vary according to the properties of the elements.
Validation types screenshot
Validation types
Define standards via Symbol Picker specific to validation type(Applicable only for some validation types).
screenshot of creating an Invalid Login message
Creating an Invalid Login message
Then complete the validation creation by creating the Invalid Message that will be displayed on the wrong input entered by the user.
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