Authorization actions

Learn the Authorization actions.

Authorization actions for the end users of the application you have developed; These are the actions that enable users to log in to the application (Sign in / Sign up / Reset password, etc.), create new users, activate/deactivate registered users, and authorize the application on the screen and/or elements.

Click and select the element you want to add Authorization actions to. Come to the Properties panel and you can add the action you need under the Authorization title from the drop-down list with + Add Actions.

For example, You can use the Sign with Apple and Sign With Google actions under Authorization Actions to log into the application with Apple and/or Google.

With the actions in this section;

  • You can add a user role with Add User To Role,

  • You can add users to the application you have developed with Create User,

  • With Disable User, users can disable application usage,

  • With Enable User, you can activate pre-registered and deactivated application users,

  • You can update user names with Update Username,

  • Forgot Password can start the flow when application users cannot access their passwords,

  • With Password Send Reset Mail, users can send a password reset email,

  • You can delete the role(s) assigned to the user with Remove User From Role,

  • Password Change can use the password change function,

  • It can enable the user logged into the application you developed with Logout to exit the application,

  • You can log into the application with the Sign In action,

  • With the Sign Up action, you can enable new users to register for the application you have developed,

  • With Update user started screen, you can change the splash screen after logging into the application depending on the user role,

  • With the Is Logged In action, you can add status information when the user is logged into the application.

If you want to examine these actions in detail, you can use the following card structure.

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