The Subarray action is used to select a specific subset (subarray) from an array or list or to perform various operations on this subset.

For example, when you retrieve data from a database, it is possible to retrieve the 3rd and 4th record of this data with the Sub Array action.

Select the element to add an action. Click +Add Action under the Properties panel. (A)

Click OnClick-->String Operations--> Sub Array and create the Sub Array action. (A)

The created Sub Array action comes with Value, Starting Index, and Count parameters.

  • Value:

This parameter represents the value containing the elements of the subarray.

A subarray usually refers to a specific subset of elements contained in an array, list, or other data structure.

  • Starting Index:

This parameter specifies the index of the starting point of the substring.

The substring is selected from this starting index of 0.

  • Count:

This parameter specifies the number of elements in the selected substring.

The substring contains the specified number of elements from the starting index.

These parameters allow to select of a specific subset of a given data structure in subarray operations.

To fill in the parameters within the created action, click on the Symbol Picker (B).

You can perform various operations on the Context menu (C) for the actions you create.

You can easily copy the action with the Copy option. This way, you gain speed where action repetition is required.

You can add a confirmation message for the action to run using the Add Confirmation option.

Also, with the Add Condition feature, you can specify certain conditions under which the added action should execute.

You can easily delete the action created with the Remove option.

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