Custom Actions

In addition to ManagedDB, a local database connected to your Workspace, you can also use and manage MSSQL, Rest Swagger, Rest API, and C# data sources in your applications. You can create Custom actions that will increase the functionality of your application through the specified data sources.

Custom actions are custom actions where you can easily write SQL queries. While developing an application with Kuika, you can add Custom actions that you create through SQL queries to improve the functions of your application and increase the functions in your application.

For example, In an e-commerce application, you can use a custom action that you create using a SQL query for adding products.

To add a new Custom action, click the + Add SQL Action button in the Custom Actions panel of the UI Design view mode.

Datasource tables in the application and SQL Editor will meet on the incoming screen.

Define your action using SQL queries through the SQL Editor on the screen that opens. When you hover over the tables on the left, you can add, Add Select Query, Add Select By Id Query, Add Save Query, Add Delete Query, Add Search by Keyword Query and Add Search with Pagination Query queries specific to the table via the three dots to the right of the table names.

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