Download Vcf

The Download Vcf system action allows you to create and download vCard (VCF) from your data, such as customer or member lists. The downloaded file can be easily added to the address book application of iOS, Android, or other supported operating systems. If you need assistance on how to add the downloaded file, you can refer to the help page of your operating system.

Select the element to which the action will be added. Click +Add Action under the Properties panel(A).

Go to OnClick → Export → Download Vcf and create the Download Vcf action (A)

The created action comes with default parameters such as Name and Surname.

- Name: The field where you enter the name of the person to be added to the address book.

- Surname: The field where you enter the surname of the person to be added to the address book.

To fill in the parameters within the created action, click on the Symbol Picker (B).

Kuika does not limit the data that can be added to the address book with these parameters.

To add additional parameters to contact information, click on the +ADD OPTIONAL PARAMETER option.

In the opened menu, select the appropriate parameters from options such as Email, Cell Tel, Work Tel, Home Tel, Gender, Photo (Base64), Nickname, Note, Organization, Role, Title, URL, Work URL, and Home URL. Once you've made your selections, click the SAVE button to complete the addition. This way, you can personalize the address book and customize the contact information according to your needs.

For the actions you create, you can perform various operations via the Context menu (C).

You can easily copy the action using the Copy option, which speeds up repetition of actions in relevant places.

You can add a confirmation message for the action to run using the Add Confirmation option.

By using the Add Condition, you can specify under which conditions the added action should execute.

If needed, you can easily remove the created action using the Remove option.

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