System Actions

You can use the system actions offered by Kuika Platform in application development processes. Check out system actions now!

Actions are activities that explain what the application should do. You can use a variety of system actions, including those specific to added components and the data entered into components. Actions can be used on all elements, including the screen you are working on.

To add an action, select the element you want. Actions can be added to the screen and elements through the Properties panel.

You can add actions to an element or within the screen by clicking the +Add Action button.

To add an action to an element or screen, you can follow the steps below:

  1. In the UI Design view, select the element or screen.

  2. Go to the Actions section in the Properties panel.

  3. Click on the +Add Action button.

  4. Select one of the system action options available within the platform.

  5. Configure the settings of the action, for example, the selection of the target page.

  6. After completing the settings, click on the Close button.

Kuika includes system actions such as Arithmetic, Authorization, Condition, Device, Export, GeoLocation, Invers, Local Storage Operations, ManageDb, Multi Language, Navigation , Notification, Payment Stripe, UI Control, Trigger , Process Automation, Process Administration and String Operations

For detailed information about actions, you can examine the card structure below.

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