Verification Code Sender Provider

The Verification Code Sender Provider is a service used by an application or service to send verification codes to its users. Such a service is used to verify the identities of users or to send temporary or one-time use codes for security purposes.

The Verification Code Sender Provider can perform the following functions:

  • Generate Verification Codes: It creates verification codes (for example, one-time use codes sent via SMS or email). These codes are used to verify the identities of users.

  • Sending Codes to Users: It can use different communication channels to deliver the generated verification codes to users, for instance, via SMS, email, push notifications, or in-app messages.

  • Processing and Tracking of Codes: Manages the process where users enter and verify the verification codes. This may involve monitoring the validity periods of the codes, recording used codes, and preventing their reuse.

  • Error and Security Checks: It can conduct checks to ensure the accuracy and security of the sent codes. For example, it can check the code's availability and recency.

  • Enhancing User Experience: It can direct the code delivery process to provide a user-friendly experience. This might include making it easy for users to receive and use the codes.

To receive the Verification Code via methods other than email, like SMS or Notification, open the Datasources view mode via the Header.

On this screen, you need to create a new data source. For this, click on the + icon located on the left. From the opened screen, make a C# selection. Then, from the same screen, choose the Custom Verification Code Sender Provider from the Select box.

With this choice, the user will have executed the Verification Code dispatch. In the created Datasource, parameters such as email (User Name), First and Last Name (First-Last Name), and User Phone Number (User Phone) are received. This information is requested from the user.

Above the User Return False code block, the user should fill in the desired method (email, notification, etc.) to send the code.

After entering the relevant information, finalize the process by clicking the Create button.

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