Apple Sign In

In the apps you develop with Kuika for iOS, you can allow users to register and log in using their Apple account.

To carry out user sign-in processes with an Apple account, you need to perform some actions both in the Configuration Manager view mode and on your Apple Developer account.

For Apple Sign-in procedures, first, you must create a developer account at To review the steps for creating a developer account in detail, you can check our relevant documentation.

After creating the developer account, click on the Identifiers button on the Apple Developer page.

Open the Key screen from the left area in the Identifiers screen. If you have a Key that you've created earlier, you can use that or click on the button to create a new Key. In the opened screen, you can create a new Key with Apple With Sign that will have one Identifier. The P8 file of the created Key can be generated and downloaded only once. Therefore, you need to use the P8 file.

The filename of the downloaded P8 file should not be changed.

The created Team ID is located in line with the Identifiers section. The Team ID and similar will be used in Kuika’s Config settings.

To enable user account creation and user sign-in with Apple in the apps you develop in Kuika, open the Configuration Manager view mode. Then select the IOS category and activate the Support IOS UI Switch.

Click on the drop-down menu next to Configuration under the Apple Sign-In Settings section.

Click on the ADD NEW option in the opened menu to open the Apple sign-in setting modal screen.

On the opened modal screen titled Apple sign-in setting Setting, you should fill in the required information.

  • Name: Name the Apple sign-in setting using the Name field.

  • Team ID: Team ID is a unique identifier given to you by Apple. This identity is specific to your developer account and is used when developing your apps and accessing Apple's servers.

You can find your Team ID by logging into your Apple Developer account or in the Keys section inside the Apple Developer portal.

By clicking on the Choose area, you can upload the P8 file you created in Apple Developer and complete the Apple Sign-In process by clicking the Create button.

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