User account operations

Account creation and login processes on the Kuika platform

You can create a free account on the Kuika platform. With this account you create, you can develop mobile and web applications.

This training content consists of the following topics:

  1. Create a Kuika account by email.

  2. Sign up for Kuika with your Google account.

  3. Login to Kuika Low-code platform account.

  4. Requirements to create your Kuika account

Click the Sign Up button, which is the user registration screen, to create a new user in Kuika, and click the Sign In button to log in to your account.

1. Create a Kuika account by email

After accessing the Kuika website with your browser (Google, Safari, etc.) click the Sign Up button on the right to open the Create your Kuika account screen

On this screen;

  1. Write the e-mail address you will use in your user account,

  2. Write your name,

  3. Write your last name

  4. Set a password for your account.

Then click the Sign Up button and complete your registration.

You must activate your account to complete the registration process and log in to the Kuika low-code Platform. Complete the activation process with the activation e-mail sent to the e-mail you used during registration. Then you can log in to your account with the Sign In screen.

2. Sign up for Kuika with your Google account

You can make your new registration process using your Google / Gmail account with the Sign in With Google button on the Sign-up screen.

Here, users of both and Google Workspace can log in with their company extension emails.

3. Login to Kuika low-code platform account

To log in to your Kuika account, enter your email and password information on the Kuika user login screen and click the Sign in button.

If you have registered with your Google account, you can also use the Sign in with Google button.

4. Requirements to create your Kuika account

  • Make sure your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) is up to date.

  • Browser and/or antivirus, ad blocker, etc. you use on your computer. Check if programs are preventing you from opening an account.

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