Google Sign in

You can enable end users of the web and mobile applications you have developed with Kuika to register/login to the application using their Google accounts. You can do the related integration with Config Manager for web, iOS and Android.

In this training content;

  • How to create new credentials

  • Config Manager

  • Integration with config manager

  • Action usage

1. How to create new Credentials ?

a. Go to Google Console

b. It is necessary to create 3 different credentials with Google Console, namely Android Client, iOS Client and Web Client. If you have not created a project before, click the Create project button and create your project.

c. After creating your project, click the Create button.

d. Select 0Auth clientID

And add the rest of the information.

2. Configuration Manager

For detailed information about the creation of Configuration Manager and Google integration, read the Configuration Manager section.

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