v.3.3.0 Release Note (23rd March 2023)

What's New

  • The cloned project has been cloned in workspace-based data sources and defined custom actions.

  • In Password Policy Settings, BirthDay and Captcha fields, which do not support backend, are hidden on the screen.

  • Added a button to add a new action to the Action Picker list.


  • In the updates made in the developed mobile application; Added notification popup for changes affecting apps available in AppStore/PlayStore.

  • In the mobile application development process, the default value for the Select Box element has been provided.

  • Improvements have been made so that the Input elements appear as blocks on the screens opened as a Drawer.

  • Language improvements have been made for email templates in multilingual applications.

  • Added HH:MM to Date Time formats.

  • The Create or Update button remains disabled when no changes are made to the Swagger API parameter settings.

  • Main Datasource category name changed to ManagedDB in the Action Picker menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented masking when data binding the Text Input element.

  • Improved Tab element item access in UI Design view.

  • Fixed the bug that prevented redirecting to the New Password screen in developed mobile applications.

  • Elements added to the header element get Page Init in their visibility parameters.

  • Fixed a bug that affected the default placeholder text style in the Select Box element.

  • The alignment problem in the Table element in mobile applications has been fixed.

  • Improved alignment of Row/Column child elements in developed iOS and Android applications.

  • Fixed Text Box element behavior in built iOS and Android apps.

  • The default styles assigned to the Date element have been improved.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the background color from being edited in the Screen's Styling > Fill settings.

  • The error that causes the Test button to disappear after the operation in Custom Actions > SQL Editor has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the saved C# function from appearing in the UI Design > Custom Actions list.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the spinner to remain when the image opened with Photo From Gallery was not selected.

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