Configure settings to upload apps to Apple AppStore

You can publish a mobile application that you developed in Kuika on the Apple App Store. It is sufficient to create the necessary configuration for the iOS operating system via the Config Manager view mode.

  • You need to connect the mobile applications that are compatible with the iOS operating systems that you developed with Kuika to the App Store. This link provides the connection of the application to AppMachine. Open the iOS Settings tab by creating a new configuration or opening one of the existing configurations in the Config Manager view mode to enable the connection.

  • You must enter the name of the application that you want the application you developed to be displayed on the device in the text input opposite the App Name heading under the Mobile App Settings section.

  • The Bundle ID title on the screen is a unique keyword that distinguishes your app from other apps. It is recommended to use the Bundle ID structure as com.workspacename.applicationname. At this point, you must create a Bundle ID and enter it in the relevant field.

  • Version header is the version information of the application. The version information should be entered as 1.0.0.

  • Click the drop-down menu opposite Configuration under the App Store Settings section.

  • Open the link page by clicking the ADD NEW option in the menu that opens.

You must fill in the requested information on the pop-up screen titled App Store Connect API Setting.

  • Enter the App Store Connect Api Setting name in the text input next to Name.

In order to fill in the other information on this screen, you need to get some information from the Apple Account Manager and Apple Developer pages.

To get Issuer Id and P8 file;

  • Go to the Apple Account Manager page and log in with your Apple Developer account.

  • Open Users and Access Page after login.

  • Click the Integration button on the page that opens. You can access the Issuer Id information on the Keys page that opens.

  • You can also create a new App Store Connect API Key on this page.

App Store Connect API Key can only be created by Account Holder.

You can download the API Key you created only once with the P8 extension. For this reason, you should keep this file well and never change its name.

  • Go back to Kuika and Upload the P8 file you downloaded by clicking the Upload button next to the P8 File heading.

  • Apple ID is the credential of the developer account you own.

  • There are some steps you need to take to access the App Store Connect Team ID information. You can follow the prepared instruction to perform the operations. Enter the App Store Connect Team ID information you received by following the instruction in the relevant field in Kuika.

  • The other information you will need for App Store Connect API Setting is Developer Team Id.

  • For the Developer Team Id, you must first sign in to the Apple developer center.

  • Open the Account page by clicking the Account button and Scroll down to the Membership Details on the page that opens.

  • You can access Team Id information in the membership details section. Enter the Team Id information you have accessed in the relevant field in Kuika.

  • You can choose TestFlight or Appetize from the drop-down menu next to the Publish Type heading.

The TestFlight option can create a connection with the App Store based on the information you enter. For testing, the .ipa file is also prepared and sent to the App Store.

Appetize option requires Appetize API Token information. If you prefer to use Appetize, log in to your Appetize account and get the Appetize API Token information and fill in the relevant field in Kuika.

You can follow the instruction provided by Appetize to open an Appetize account and access API Key information.

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